July 23–27, 2018
University of São Paulo, Brazil


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Welcome to the webpage of the ICM 2018 Satellite meeting Combinatorics: Extremal, Probabilistic and Additive.

Topics and scope: Extremal, probabilistic and additive combinatorics are concerned with both the extreme and the typical behaviour of discrete objects such as graphs, colourings, and sets of integers. Many fundamental open problems in these areas were first raised by Erdős (and his many collaborators), who moreover made numerous seminal contributions to their development. These include extremal graph theory, Ramsey theory, random graphs and processes, the application of combinatorial techniques in areas such as statistical physics and number theory, and the application of techniques from analysis and topology in combinatorics. In recent decades, many deep connections have been discovered between these seemingly disparate areas of study, and an extensive array of tools, techniques and theory have been developed. This conference aims to cover a wide range of recent developments in the subject, and to showcase some of the leading experts and brightest young talents in the area.


We shall have many exciting invited talks, and we shall also have space for poster presentations. If you’d like to spread the word, you can download the event poster (JPG, PDF).

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This meeting is part of the Brazilian Biennium of Mathematics 2017/2018.